Martini Gallery

Custom Small Frame Martini
BSA 17 Ackley BeeLyman 25X LWBRLightweightRcD
BSA Cadet 22/256Steel K12 like 22 Super JetRcD
Greener 22 JetSteel K10 Mannl. StockRcD
Westley-Richards 225 WinUnertl 14X Varmint GunDR
Custom 222 RemVarmint GunHigh Scope???
Custom 218 M BeeVarmint GunFrom CanadaDR
Cadet 17 BeeCustom From CanadaDR
Custom 218 BeeK4 SteelRem 513T bblRcD
Custom 218 Mashburn BeeTarget ScopeBSA Actioneb
Custom 22 HornetBSA M13ActionEB
Cadet 17 BeeCustom Neat!HA
Cadet 20-20Custom 25-20 ND to .20PTB
BSA 22 17 Bee/218 M BeeCustom Switch BarrelDR/JS
Cadet 225 WinCustom BR ForendDR
Cadet 22 Rem JetCustom Maple StockRcD
Cadet 22 Rem JetSame Rifle as Above RestockedEML
Cadet 218 Bee12X LeopoldHigh Grade!EML
Cadet 22 K HornetCustom My First MartiniRcD
Cadet 256 Win MagCustom Redfield Rear/Lyman 17A Front GlobeRcD
Small Frame22 MagCustomWork in ProcessEB
Steel Silhoutte30-20Custom One Piece Stock32-20 With 308 BarrelRcD
Cadet Action30-20Same Gun as AboveTarget SightsRcD
22 Caliber Martini
Model 13 22 BSA BSA Aperture SightsRcD
Model 13 22 BSA Steel K2.5RcD
Model 13 22 BSA BSA Aperture Sightseb
Free Rifle 22Early 40's Mfg. By FreelandDLW
BSA 1215's22 From Navy Arms 1996English TargetEML
BSA 121522 Hvy. BBl TargetEnglish Targeteb
BSA 121522 From Navy Arms 1996English Target (Refinished)RcD
BSA 121522 From Navy Arms 1996English Target (Refinished)RcD
Vickers22 Empire ModelOne Piece StockRW
Custom22 MagnunCased Colored Actionxxx WoodEB
BSA M12 & M1322 RefinishedEarly BSA 22'sDR
BSA International22 Mark IIIOlympic CompetitionDR
BSA International22 Freeland AccessoriesLymanTS???
BSA M1322 MagnumCustom ConversionOregon Rat GunDE
BSA22 MagnumCustom ConversionAlaskan Huntingeb
BSA22 Model 6Light BarrelRcD
Cadet310Issue With Aperture SightCRI
Cadet310 ModifiedCut ForendRcD
Cadet310Issue With Later SightRcD
Cadet310BSAAction Marking???
Cadet310GreenerAction Marking???
Rook Rifle
Greener 230 MorrisTakedown22 CenterfireDR
Greener 250 MorrisLong Barrel Stalking Rifle25 CenterfireDR
Greener 310 RookSame Caliber As CadetsLadder Rear SightDR
Custom Large Frame Martini
Navy Arms 244 RIR8x56R ND 244 Rem. Imp. RimRcD
M-H Action 25 KragLyman 6X All-Am. Myrttlewood StockRcD
Martini-Henry 44 MagnumCanadaConversion of military rifleDR
Martini-Enfield 303 BritishEnglish Style ConversionConverted from Mk. 3 CarbineRcD
Greener GP 45-70Navy Arms actionTarget ScopeRcD
Greener GP 45-70Navy Arms actionTarget Stock???
Large Frame 577/450CanadaFine Hunting Rifle Built on Large ActionDR
Large Frame 22 BSA Converted TargetKAH
Martini-Henry 225 Win. bored out to 45-70A&M Rifle Co.the late Paul MarquartRcD
Large Frame 577/500BSA SporterCRI
Greener GP 218 BeeCustom Gunsmith Hal Schaible
Large Frame Martial Martini
Large Frame 303 Enfield RifleCRO
Martini-Enfield 303 BritishEnfield CarbineDR
Martini-Enfield 303 BritishEnfield Carbine (refinished)RcD
Martini-Henry 577/450 ShotSmoothbore-prison guard service Mk. II Rifle bored outRcD
Martini-Enfield 303 BritishWith Bayonet Mk. II RifleRcD
Martini-Enfield 303 BritishSame Gun as AboveMk. II RifleRcD
Martini-Henry 577/450Action MarkingsMk. III RifleKH
Martini-Henry 577/450ArtilleryMk. I CarbineKH
Martini-Henry 577/450Artillery ActionMk. I CarbineKH
Martini-Henry 577/450CavalryMk. I CarbineKH
Martini-Henry 577/450Cavalry ActionMk. I CarbineKH
Martini-Henry 577/450Artillery CarbineMk. II (conv. from M-H Mk. II rifle)KH
Martini-Metford 577/450Calvary CarbineMk. IKH
Martini-Metford 577/450Calvary Carbine Action 1Mk. IKH
Martini-Metford 577/450Calvary Carbine Action 2Mk. IKH
Martini-Metford 577/450Calvary CarbineMk. IKH
Martini-Metford 577/450Calvary CarbineMk. IIIKH
Martini-Enfield 577/450Artillery CarbineMk. IIIKH
Martini-Enfield 577/450Artillery Carbine Action 1Mk. IIIKH
Martini-Enfield 577/450Artillery Carbine Action 2Mk. IIIKH
Catalog Information
Olympic/Jubilee22 VickersOne piece stockIbD
Sightsall BSASight OptionIbD
Model 6297/300 or 22 BSARook RifleIbD
Model 1222 BSAM12 Action 29" BarrelIbD
Model 1322 BSA25" BarrelIbD
Model 15 22 BSATargetIbD
Model 12/1522 BSABest of BothIbD
Morris Calibers250/297CartridgeRook Rifle CartridgeES
FrancotteBelgiumEarly CatalogPage 1RcD
FrancotteBelgiumEarly CatalogPage 2RcD
FrancotteBelgiumEarly CatalogPage 3RcD
Joseph Bourne Birminghamcirca 1910AustraliaRcD
Joseph Bourne Birminghamcirca 1910AustraliaRcD
Model 1322 BSA CleanerCatalog PageIbD
Miscellaneous Martini
Model 33 22HammerliFree PistolDLW
Wooden CaseBSAFor Rook RifleWhich Rifle Fits This Box?RcD
GreenerPolice ShotgunBritish Colonial Police Service12/14 Guage (Refinished)DR
StevensModel 89External Hammer Martini 22Similar to Ithaca M49RcD
CollectionVariousCustomCadet, 22, 32-20, 218 BEB
CollectionVariousCustom45-70 Gr, BSA 22EB
Extractors310 & 22BSASmall FrameRcD
Cartridge577/450Folded Metal TypeFor M-HRcD
BSA310 CadetQueenslandProject Starting PointRcD
Martini-Henry577/450Armourer's CutawayShowing FunctionEA
Martini-Henry577/4501899 Issue PackageTen PackKH
Steyr???Martini-HenryUnusual Action???
TOZ-3522Martini ActionUSSR Target PistolSM
Peiper38 WCFZeller ?Internal HammerCBE
Martini-Zeller17 rimfireInternal Hammer ZellerGerman ActionDTB
Martini-Zeller22 ShortInternal Hammer ZellerGermanRcD
Martini-Zeller22 ShortInternal Hammer ZellerSee AboveRcD
Martini-Zeller22 ShortInternal Hammer ZellerSee AboveRcD
Providence Tool Company (Peabody)
Creedmoor 44-100 Peabody-Martini#2 Long Range RifleJSS
French Contract 43 SpanishProvidence Tool Co.German CapturedRcD
French Contract 43 SpanishProvidence Tool Co.Same as AboveRcD
Creedmoor40-70Peabody-Martini#1 Mid-RangeTargetJSS
Two Peabodies Ext. Hammer 45-50 Peabody45-70.RAB

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